All the hill storming scenes for e.g., are all from the same camera angle and all have a hill bathed in a uniform light, as if from a lamppost, and just did not pull me into forgetting it was happening on screen.Poker Movie Review: The Cincinnati Kid. Poker Movie Review: "The Cincinnati Kid" (1965) by Daniel Johnson of Even back in 1965, when "The Cincinnati.What I mean is simply - the movie had the potential to send a strong message about the war, but the director got too bogged down with flaunting the cast, so much of the seriousness of the movie becomes lost.

‘Molly’s Game’ Film Review: Jessica Chastain’s Poker Face Folds to an Overplayed. engaging in exchanges only experienced in the movies of Howard Hawks or.The film particularly focuses on Manoj Pandey (Ajay Devgan), Sanjay Kumar (Suni Shetty), Vikram Batra (Abishek Bachan) and Yogender Singh Yadav (Ashutosh Rana) as these soldiers were awarded the Param Vir Chakra (the highest military award in India) for displaying great courage and bravery.

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The fight scenes are very realistic and the film is truly based on what happened in those 2 months of fighting.Also, the few songs that were in the movie were quite enjoyable - for the first half a dozen or so verses at least.In 2003, after a long time and a lot of work such as research and the availability of dates from various actors, the movie was finally released.

Anyways, I think I have bashed the film enough that you get the picture.He has been meticulous and paid attention to the smallest of details from the uniform of the various regiments down to their particular slogans, and for this reason this makes it the BEST war film produced by Bollywood.Also I think one of the other actors would have enacted Abhishek Bachan role much better. when will directors learn that this guy is nothing like his father.

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Firstly, he has shown the soldiers mouthing highly obscene abuses.And thereby he has brought the passionate and emotional tales of the real Indian soldiers alive on the screen.

If they were trained better and the action sequences better written and choreographed to make them a tiny bit realistic, they movie could have been a real winner.Mahima and Raveena had no scope neither did the other actresses.In 1999, under the scheme of General Parvez Musharraf, our perennial enemy backstabbed us and Pakistani soldiers crossed the LOC in the disguise of civilian infiltrators.

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All things said and done, irrespective of its commercial outcome, J.P. Dutta has made an honest and highly impressive movie.

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The movie casts brilliant actors of Bollywood, be it ajay devgan, sanjay dutt,abhishek bachan and many awesome extraordinary actors from Telugu film industry aka Collywood.The memory of the Indian masses is short and we very easily forget the sacrifices of the sacrificing ones and get back to our routines of earning a living.Besides, he has been able to extract exemplary performances from the complete cast.

It is probably the most vivid and visceral war film ever witnessed on the Indian screen.There are only life-sized, vulnerable men, being forced to be either victims or heroes or both. L.O.C. works primarily because it shows the world the harsh reality without pulling any punches.But I think the main thing that brought this movie down was that there would be a hour of footage, then basically that same hour repeated 4 times.A lot of care has been taken to see that the film is accurate even in its minutest detail.His film is set in the weird world of high-stakes poker and based on the true story of Molly Bloom,. Movie reviews: Early Man, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.Lock Poker was a site that accepted US players. It had an insider theft scandal and scam, and did not honor most withdrawal requests. They closed in 2014.It is a real fact however, that such swears were used on the Kargil battlefield.

It is at least a good attempt at an honest tribute, even if at times, it can be embarrassing.But instead of telling what must have been a compelling and heroic story, all this movie does is make the Indian military look laughable and stupid, which I know is not true.

Can a war epic, which has a running time of 4 hours, keep the viewer glued to the screen for such a long duration.Even the war scenes were terribly executed, using the same hill in all their battle scenes, and spending unnecessary time on casual talk.Movies Review: Jessica Chastain. Sorkin’s film shows how Bloom picked herself up and found a new passion running one of the world’s most exclusive poker.Remember that I WANTED to like the movie, so I am not being careless when I comment that it came across as too artificial and stage like.Not to mention, there are songs, there are lot of flashbacks, and most importantly, the fighting scenes are stupidily performed.Some of the regular patrol parties of Indian soldiers went missing and later on, the damaged corpses of our young soldiers were found.

That was the basic movie, and that same order of events happened about 4 or 5 times. and every time it did a flashback to the wives, it would show the man, then his wife and him.What intrigues you is the way the Jawans fought the war, so that the nation could eat, live and sleep in peace.But since they are also used on the battlefield under pressure, it does not seem as wanton as in other movies.So lengthy movie. 2. Lengthy and boring songs. 3. Bad dialogue delivery. 4. So many characters, you will have problems in memorizing their names and the their battalion names. 5. Humiliating drama(total unwanted). 6. So many dialogues. 7. Worst action.The movie has made a brilliant portrayal of the Army who have battled all odds in rough weather conditions.In 1999, I first heard about the conflict in the Kargil area of Jammu and Kashmir in the news.Read Shockya's review of the feature film writing and directorial debuts of Greg Francis, the action crime thriller, Poker Night, starring Beau Mirchoff.

A formally undeclared war started which lasted for around 50 days and we lost several precious lives of Indian soldiers.So you have Captain Anuj Nayyar, Captain Vikram Batra, Lieutenant Manoj Pandey, Lieutenant Colonel Y K Joshi and many of the other brave men who authored the script that made India the winner in the Kargil war.Next, there is no story nor any subplots nor any satisfaction of seeing any objectives achieved by the soldiers.Despite such a long movie, none of the characters were well developed.

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The war had to be won in the end and we won it but the price that was paid was just too much.

The fact that he overlooked is that unlike Border which was based on a particular battle in the 1971 war, the canvas of the story of this movie was many times more extensive and hence the temptation to cover everything had to be kept under check.Are the pakis really bad at aiming or the director made them look stupid.Even though the action sequences are so flawed, the actors give it all their energy and the unbelievable sacrifices that the soldiers made were no doubt the driving force behind.You will feel sleepy while watching it because of following reasons:- 1.When it comes to movies like these, the director should concentrate most on the battle scenes but those are the most flawed portions of the film.All the small and big tales with less footage to some and more footage to some other, are real and sensitive to the hilt. Mr. Dutta has presented everything with utmost authenticity on the screen which shows his deep research work in this regard.Swearings of mother and sister have been given so freely that the decency level has come down to very low.