The following example shows how this affects damage when might is applied in a fight when a phantasm has been summoned.Are you sure this has nothing to do with a personal add-on or an older firefox version.Ranger: Pets. Ranger always fights with his pet. Every animal has 4 skills: 3 shared by all species within one family and 1 unique for every pet.

Hey guys. I've noticed that with skills that can be used as cancels, if cast from the quick slot, do not gain the cancelling effect. Is this.What do you think of Mesmer moving away from Reflects and allowing other classes to bring Reflections, of course when pugging if my team needs reflects dropping Illusions for Inspirations and pistol for Focus offhand.A mirage requires condition equipment, and as such sigils and runes used for conditons.

Maybe try getting some tomes of knowledge to make things easier.(the single levelup ones).The techniques explained here are mostly basic tips and tricks, but are meant to help you optimize your play.

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Im also using well of precognition a lot more than I expected.

Simply said, this build focuses on short fights instead of prolonged ones, and therefore asks for maximum damage in a short period of time.The new weapon provided to the mesmer as a mirage is the Axe.This mantra also affects up to 5 targets, in a radius of 240 around your target enemy.Phantasm stats are directly linked to your own, but they work as separate entities with their own weapons(exotic) and armor.As the skill has no target limit, Tides of time will hit target for every possible hitbox it has, therefore proving more effective in terms of damage the larger the target becomes.The auto attack chain linked to this weapon has 2 initial attacks with a relatively slow activation time.Note: As mentioned previously, the scepter auto attack chain switches skills when the projectile hit, making your damage higher when in melee range.

Alacrity also allows for a decrease in the cooldown of confusing images, allowing for more frequent usage.As the skill has a cooldown of 40 seconds, your alacrity is put to good use.The most surprising thing about this skill is that it breaks targeting of the clones involved.This block, however, will only stop one attack, so choosing which attack to keep it for and timing it properly is vital.

This shatter moves the chronomancer into a different timeline via a continuum rift for a period of 1.5 seconds per illusion shattered.This exit and connection will remain present for 10 seconds by default.The chronomancer is the first elite specialisation to come out for the Mesmer class, and it packs quite the punch.As the skill often ends up making your allies incapable of doing anything when they accidentally move into the badly visualized slipstream, this skill should not be used in combat.Though often underestimated, this is an important part of your stealth chain.As this is an effect, it can not be increased through boon duration, but alacrity is a major gamechanger in teamfights and plays an important role in the chronomancer playstyle.

This makes it a great phantasm for places like world bosses and occasional raids.Trinkets: Backpack and amulet commander stats, rest berserker.This is a great sigil to use in the phantasm build primarily.This is useful for bosses such as Gorseval in raid wing 1, who commonly does aoe knockbacks.An Overview of Elite Specializations in Guild Wars 2. new utility skills. An Overview of Elite Specializations in Guild Wars 2 - September 28,.Keep in mind that having two of the same sigils in one weapon set has the same result as having just one.As of June 23rd 2015, this skill is a glamour and synergises with the corresponding traits.

I think the next highest is going to be a ranger with rage and snipe. Loc: Canada Originally Posted By. 3 points for 3 slot skills sounds a bit cheap. Top.The combination of the 1 second heal, 2.5 second AA chain, casting time and human error will place your second warden to fall in for number one just in time.As the first 4 of its skills can be used from 1,200 range, this is a long ranged weapon contrary to what you might have expected.These skills also differ from phantasm skills in the sense that they often have effects on the caster as well.Mirage Thrust is the sword ambush skill, providing the first ever leap to mesmers all over the world.

When performing the art of shattering, the mesmer makes all of their illusions run up to their target to self-destruct.With its duration of only 3 seconds, the mantra requires precise timing to use well.

Split Surge does what is says, it takes the auto attack attack surge from greatsword, and splits the beam towards different targets around your current one.The retreat variant of the skill is now available for use, allowing you to portal back ( maximum 1200 range), to your previous location, leaving a clone behind.Also thanks for showing the tricks with chronomancer and stealth stacking.